Thursday, April 28, 2016

twooshbot: I made a thing!

Do you enjoy Twitter?  Yes?  Good.  But are you winning?

Yes, "winning."  Does someone give you prizes and congratulate you when you do it awesomely?

Well, at least for a given definition of winning, I have something for you.  I created a bot that responds to your tweets when you use all 140 characters.  (Because, really, nothing says quality quite like quantity.)

Step 1 (optional): Follow @twooshbot.
Step 2: Tweet at @twooshbot and include the word "start" in your tweet.
Step 3: @twooshbot will follow you, and reply to you to confirm.
Step 4: You're all set!  Just tweet using all available characters.  You are awesome!
Step 5: If you feel like showing off your awesomeness, you can retweet one of @twooshbot's tweets to make it visible to all of your adoring followers.  They will be impressed.

More info here:

If you want to stop being congratulated for your twitter awesomeness, and go back to filling the tweet buffer in obscurity, you can tweet at @twooshbot again with the word "stop".

Let me know how you like it.