Twoosh Swoosh

You can include one of the following command keywords in a tweet at twoosh_bot (a reply to a tweet posted by twoosh_bot or a tweet beginning with @twoosh_bot). All commands are case insensitive (capital or lower case don't matter). twoosh_bot does not process DMs, so don't send them:
  • Start - @twoosh_bot will follow you, and respond when your tweets are 140 characters long.
    • Stop - @twoosh_bot will unfollow you
  • MyStatus - @twoosh_bot will respond with your current status
  • NoJoin - This prevents twoosh_bot from joining a conversation thread between you and any other user.  It will remove other users from the reply thread. 
    • This prevents @twoosh_bot from interrupting conversations with other users.
    • YesJoin - Undo NoJoin
  • NoReply - Don't reply directly to the twoosh tweet. Instead, reply to the last @twoosh_bot interaction.  This results in a single conversation thread between you and @twoosh_bot.
    • YesReply - Undo NoReply 
  • NoMention - Occasionally, @twoosh_bot may mention the name of a user whose tweet you're replying to or quoting.  This command prevents it from doing so. 
    • Note: @twoosh_bot will only @ mention other @twoosh_bot users. If you reply to or quote non-twoosh_bot users, their textual names may show up, but @twoosh_bot will not @ mention their screen names. This will also prevent your user name from being mentioned in a response to another user.
    • YesMention - Undo NoMention
  • LikeOnly - Don't respond to your twooshes, just "like" the tweet instead (when twoosh_bot creates a #twooshplex image, it will still reply to you, and you will still be included in weekly status tweets).
    • NoLikeOnly - Undo LikeOnly 
  • NoWeekly - @twoosh_bot will not send you weekly status tweets, or mention you in weekly tweets for most twooshes, highest twoosh count, or highest twoosh ratio.
    • YesWeekly - Undo NoWeekly
Commands need to be entered as shown above (without spaces).  For example, @twoosh_bot does not recognize "no reply" or "my status" as commands.

How twooshes are counted:
  • A tweet with 140 characters counts as one line in the next #twooshplex image, and is counted as one twoosh.
  • A tweet with 280 characters counts as two lines in the next #twooshplex image, and is counted as two twooshes. 
  • @twoosh_bot will not repeat exactly the same line within the same #twooshplex image.  If you tweet the same thing twice in a row, @twoosh_bot will respond to it, but the second instance will not be added to your twoosh count.
There are two ways in which a tweet's character count can be counted as either 140 or 280 characters:
  • The tweet's inner text has 140 (or 280) characters
    • Examples:
      • [tweet text of 140/280 characters]
      • @replyname1 @replyname2 [tweet text of 140/280 characters]
  •  The tweet's full text has 140 (or 280) characters
    • Examples:
      • [@replyname [tweet text]]
      • [[tweet text]]
      • [@replyname @replyname [tweet text]]
  • Sometimes @twoosh_bot will recognize a tweet that appears to be shorter than 140 or 280 characters, and people will think it made a mistake.  Usually this happens when there are many @reply user names, and/or when a shortened link or media URL increases the character count of the full text.
  • Sometimes a Twitter client interface will count the characters in a tweet differently than @twoosh_bot.  For example, a single emoji Unicode character might be counted as two characters by the Twitter Web Client, when in reality it only consumes one.  You may think based on client feedback that you have consumed all 280 of your available characters, when in reality you have only consumed 279 or fewer.  Note that some emoji (such as flags or those with skin tones or gender modifiers) are a combination of several Unicode characters, and that is not the issue here.


  1. OK MR TWOOSHBOT I feel like I've peeked behind the curtain. You've instilled in me the obsessive need to tweet, type, I'M, etc 140 characters at all times. CONGRATULATIONS! Fondly, Mothersquid

  2. Can you update Twooshbot not to at-mention the people I'm tweeting with? Twitter changed replies but the bot hasn't been updated, so now I'm bothering people.